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Update on the knee

I am walking better and the pain is declining.  Yippeee no more Vicodin.  

I have to be careful and not push it to much in the walking.  If I do this I end up getting really fatigued, hot and the pain ramps up,  MS does not like surgery and this is evident with the fatich and getting really hot.  

Very tired and need to get some sleep.  

Rosie (kitty) has been so affectionate and I think she senses I am having pain.  When it was really bad, she would climb over me and just flop next to me and want pets.  She stays there until I finally went to sleep.  She then climbed over me and went to sleep on this fleece jacket that she stole from me.  Even then she curled up so she could be be right next to my head.  Yes I spoil this cat and she deserves it everyday.  

Kim and I figuer that she will move out here mid September with the cats.....this should be very interesting!!!!!

A close friend of Kim's is so distraught.  Her dad is dying of cancer and had to be rushed to the hospital due to a blood clot.  The doctors are not positive and he has smoke all his life and refuses to quit.  I am so glad I quit cold turkey in college.  

I need to see a Physical Therapist and get a brace for my right knee.  The damage was rather nasty and the brace should help.

oh well need to take my cocktail of MS meds... especially the wonderful sleep med.


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Jul. 31st, 2008 01:35 pm (UTC)
Cats heal with purrs, you know, and cuddles. :) I'm a firm beleiver of that. Mine just got me out of a morning funk by making me throw her jingly ball repeatedly. Glad to hear you're doing and feeling better, keep it up!
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