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I ask why, knowing that I can never get an answer.

On May 12, at 6:20 pm, a traffic stop turned into violence that had no redeeming qualities.  

The police finally stopped a car under our apartment and immediately a confrontation ensued.  What we heard was two pops that turned out to be gun shots that injured one of the officers.  We then heard a breif silence flowed by what sounded like 20 fire crackers being shot of all at once.  We heard a woman scream.  

I thought it was the beginning of the fireworks season on our street and got up to see what was happening.  I was confronted with a miriade of police cars below and a car that looked like it was in a war zone. There were bullet holes all over the car, and then I saw an African American man, slumped out of the front passenger door.  He appeared to be dead, given the blood, bullet holes and him not moving.  

Police were appearing out of thin air and they all had guns drawn.  We kept hearing "Show us your hands"  Then a heavily armed police officer order us into our apartment.  We went to the guest bedroom and looked out to be confronted with the dead body right below our window.  The shouts continued and we heard and saw the high velocity bean bag hit his body.

The incident continued and after a short period the police pulled the man out of the car and we could see the taser gun fall out and then his dead body.  The police checked his pulse to see if he was alive and then paramedics came and did the heart monitor test.  No one seemed to see if they could bring him back.

So for about 6 hours we saw the dead man laying on the side walk with the bullet holes.  We saw the inane news reports trying to get the most stupid interviews.  We both prayed for the dead man.

We have learned he had serious psychological issues and this was sad.  I was interviewed by the police, Black ministers and then was told to testify before the grand jury.

I  can only wonder how he got the gun and then realized our society has too many guns and it is wrong.

It will take time to understand the violence and realize there are no explanations.


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