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What fun! Grrrrrr!!!

I am looking at a knee replacement on my left knee and possibly the right one also.  I hope I am given some very exotic pain meds for this.

They told me I have to start losing weight like now and when I drop say 30 - 40 lbs, I will ready for the surgery. 

On better news I am being interviewed for a position at my agency and it will be a promotion.  There 2 positions and I hope I get one of them.  The interview is going to be over an hour long.  OHHHH GAWWWWDDDDD I have to wear nice guy clothes. This is going to be hard to deal with.  I usually wear what is comfy  and it is not pure guy clothes.  I don't think wearing my fave earings would work either.

Such is life here in the fast lane. 

 Gun stores are saying people are buying piles of guns and bullets.  I have a hypothisis... 21% of Americans identify with the Rebublican Party.  Let us assume that the 21% are right wing bible thumping wacked out Christians.  So who do you think is stocking up on all those GUNSSSS?????

Your guess may be the same as mine. 

Unemployment rate is slowing down, which may mean the recession is going to bottom out some time this year.  The good news is most major supplier and manufacturing units are at very low levels.  This means with a rebound of the economy there will be a need to replenish inventories and this means JOBS. 

I am worried about having oil still in the $40 range.  As the world econmy grows there will be a higher demand for oil and this means that oil prices go up.  Oil may be the best lever to keep rampant economic growth moderated in the future.   

Mimicing Keith Oberman ......... And the WORST PERSONS in the WORLD are  ..... Drum Roll

Alan Greenspan
GW Bush
and Phil (let's just can all the regulations) Grahm.

The jury is still out on this new group,   I am more hopoeful with obama and his team  He has my economic hero on his side...Paul Volker!!!

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