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Day one of Hell

I am sure this MS relaqse started about three weeks ago, but my doctorr has branded me as being a stuborn stoic person.  We really love Jill and I know he will do anything for her patients. 

So the trouble starded with creeping numbness in my left foot.  The right  leg has the worst MS symptoms. The leg that just had surgery would get that feeling where you feel that a band is being tighted on the knee.  The right foot feels tingly but dead.  Then the pain would romp in to the leg.  The knee felt ugly and the rest of the leg felt like it was being punched.  Finally I admitted to myself that the letter on CNN were not changing colors on their own.

Oh well there are no bruises on my nice legs.

So Friday was the day I got the nasty wake up call at work.  My face was feeling like I was getting novicain all over the lower lip, chin and streaking into new areas.   Then my balance was shot and fatigue was overwhelming.  This was the trigger point where I go from Stoic to being proactive.  I called my neuro and said this was a Solumedral relapse.  He wanted to make sure, and finally scheduled me for three days of infusions.  They last about an hour and you feel kind of crappy.  Solumedrol is industrial strength steroid and has fun side affects.

So today was day one of Hell, Kim is so wonderful and was there with me and has made everythng so nice.  I will have insomnia most of the night.  Sleep meds are like a squirt gun at a inferno. 

By tomarrow night, I may get to the fatigue point, where even the steroids will not keep me awake.  Oh well I will get dreams that could become a good sci fi story.

Today is the war within day.  My imune system is fighting against the steroids.  This means all the raging numbness is pushing very hard against the med.  The imune system wants to keep the inflamation going and the steroids is like a well trained fire brigade marching through a fire. 

The next week or so will be the tell tail period.  Did my crazed out imune system eat away enough to create another layer of numbness or pain?

So this is my Day one of Hell.

please excse spelling mistakes.  Letter are not all the same color and I just am too tired to care about spelling



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Mar. 16th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
That sucks.
Mar. 17th, 2009 12:17 am (UTC)
Well I am doing better, however I didn't get any sleep last night.

Did you know that CNN starts its early morning broadcast at 5am east coast time or 2am where I live. It basically is a rehash of the news story that they just finished up.

Oh well I think I will get some sleep tonight.
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