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I hate cleaning the bathroom!!!!

Ok this is it.... I am going to contact the people that cleaned my studio apartment.  We now live in a 2 bdrm apartment and the dust is ugly and the bathroom was looking pathetic. 

So I got out the toxic waste site chemicals and went after it.   Hmmm I wonder if all the years of using strong cleaning products help with me getting MS.  I think working in a paint factory during college didn't help. 

So the process was not fun.  Now I have 2 count them 2 bad Knees and the fatigue is not fun.  Kim is doing the floors and is attempting to dust. 

This job is so ugly that I ended up making a serious rum and coke.  I think it kind of reduces the MS pain.  I am now getting the feeling that someone is punching me in the leg.  There is an MS pain med called Nuerontin.   This works but I feel I have a raging storm in my tummy.  I don't take meds that are worse than the symptom. 

I am feeling better, given the 2.5 months of ugly crud.  I have a perscription for a great cough med and it should last me a long time.  I look at the pile of pills I take every morning and evening and wonder how my body deals with all this stuff.  I have a pill to keep me awake, and one for the MS insomnia, one for spasms, the daily injection, 2 for depression, 1 for anxiety, one to help me feel like a woman and one to keep the boy hormones under control.  Add the vitiamims and it is a handful. 

The injection is not so bad and I think it helps with the MS.

I also feel better about myself.  I get an awesome color and cut every 6 weeks and this is one luxury I will not give up.  I have wonderful hair products and great products for my face and body. 

I know that I look sooooo different than when I started this journey and this gives me a nice feeling. 

What is great is that I am finally able to push the abuse and all the garbage further and further away. 

I also am with Kim and she is my angel and best of best friends.

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