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Surgery on my right knee was Tuesday and it went well... That is I came out of it and I can walk with less and less pain.

Wed. was hell on earth though.  My knee was in so much pain that I had to take more Vicotin than usual.  I was supposed to keep my knee elevated but at about 2 am I just kicked them off the bed.  Keeping my leg elevated was causing too much pain.

So I had the post op meeting today and the news was not exactly good.  The surgeon told me that I have arthritus on the knee, and the tear to the miniscus cartilage was severe.  So I have to get a brace to help me during my long strengthing process.  Yes I get to go and get physical therapy and I am not looking forward to this.  

I have to work the PT into the needs of my MS and hopefuly I will start cycling soon.  

A very good friend of mine who is stationed in Iraq is sending me one of his road bikes.  He was one of the soldiers that rode in the Iraq MS 150 and he is working to set up another ride.

The Vicotin has done ugly things to my smell and taste.  Everything I taste or smell is exagerated and it is not nice.  Oh well I think I will be off this after tonight.  I am walking better and the pain has subsided.

Kim has been having a rought time in WV.  The house is falling apart and hopefully the attorney that is representing Kim and the other two people will get a lawsuit in place and she will be able to move here very soon.  

Oh well I will be working on getting this apartment cleaned and things put into place.


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Jul. 26th, 2008 04:58 pm (UTC)
Good luck with the PT. I hope it's manageable and not too uncomfortable.

Very cool about the bicycle. Hopefully you'll be back on two wheels soon!
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